Track record

Incorporated in 1999 by Fidelity National Financial, over US$3 billion in transactions have been protected. has over 17 years of operating a licensed, regulated, and regularly audited escrow service.

No chargebacks

Buyers get to inspect the goods or services before accepting them, protecting the buyer. Likewise sellers are protected from counterparty risk with no chargebacks, ever.

Cost effective

With no minimum fee and priced as low as 0.2%, the Platform API is cheaper than credit cards and many other online payment methods.

Award winning​ is the winner of the 2017 BBB Torch Award for Ethics, an award presented to a business that goes above and beyond in their business dealings with customers, other businesses and the community.

Benefits of using the API Platform


Increase Trust

Allow your customers to transact on e-commerce, marketplaces & classifieds sites with higher trust & safety greatly reducing fraud and with no chargebacks, ever.

Increase Compliance provides “compliance as a service” performing know your customer & anti-money laundering verification.

Increase Liquidity

Physical inspection & acceptance happen on delivery, meaning valuable items can ship across state or country lines before the transaction completes, allowing your customers to expand beyond the local area to a global market safely.

Increase Insights “closes the loop” providing insight into what happens to your customers after they match on your site.

Increase Fulfillment

Greater liquidity means sellers can access more buyers and buyers more sellers, resulting in better choice and pricing and increasing the probability of a successful transaction.

Increase Conversion

Campaigns and ad targeting can run more effectively. Know which listings are up to date and which are expired, creating a more relevant experience for your audience.

Increase Support

Your customers benefit from our world class transaction support. Experienced personnel can check shipping documentation, title, liens, and more.

Increase Revenue

Revenue share is available for volume partners of $1 million per month or more.